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Symphony Series

Retro inspired table range including both dining tables and coffee tables.

The dining table is manufactured with a solid table top or a white high pressure laminated top. The base is always in solid wood. The wood types are oak and beech.

Wood types: oak and beech. Also available with white Formica laminate top.

Symphony 27 - 105 x 160 cm - also available in American WALNUT

Symphony 20: Diameter 105 cm - round
Symphony 21: Diameter 105 cm - round with unsplit top - only white laminate

Symphony 22: 90 x 90 cm - square w/rounded corners
Symphony 23: 90 x 90 cm - square w/rounded corners and unsplit top - only white or graphite laminate

Symphony 25: 105 x 180  cm -  elliptical - wooden top or white laminate

Symphony 27: 105 x 160  cm -  oval - available in AMERICAN WALNUT

Symphony 30: 105 X 200 cm - rectangular w/rounded corners - only available with laminate table top - white and graphite

Extra leaves:
105 x 48 cm -  solid, veneer or laminate
90 x 46 cm - solid, veneer or laminate

Standard extension for 2 extra leaves. Possibility of extra extension for up to 6 extra leaves for the big table.

The laminated table top comes with a raw birch plywood edge as a standard, but also with a black stained or white painted edge.

Also available as Coffee Table

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