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Most of the Haslev furniture is manufactured in both oak and beech. In addition to these well-known wood species there are also other options and treatments that we will try to tell you about in this section.

Please note that wood is a living material and that there doesn't existn two wooden plates, that are the same. Therefore we make certain reservations for the samples shown - as the representation of colours may also turn out differently in relation to the actual product.


Eg Olie

Oak oiled

Eg Saebe

Oak soaped

Boeg Saebe

Beech soaped

Ask Ubehandlet

Ash untreated

Europæisk kirsebær

European cherry

Eg palisanderbejdset

Oak - rosewood stained

Laminat Hvid

Laminate white

Laminat Lysegraa

Laminate light grey

Laminat Grafit

Laminate graphite

Linoleum - beigegrå

Linoleum - beige grey

Linoleum - lysbrun

Linoleum - light brown

Linoleum - sort

Linoleum - black