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Soap Treatment


The following procedure will fill the pit of the wood so as to obtain a surface which is smooth and reasonable dirt-repelling compared to unprocessed wood.

The new table should be treated with soap 2-3 at weekly intervals to keep the table top light.

Mixture proportion: Ash/beech: approx 100 grams of soap flakes to 1 litre of water at the first treatments. Oak: approx 25 grams of soap flakes to 1 litre of water - NB: Excessive use of soap makes the oak wood turn dark!

It is recommended to use distilled water, as ferruginous water in some cases discolors the wood.

Application: Sponge or cloth is wrung in the soap water. The soap is applied along the longitudinal direction of the wood, so that the soap is spread evenly and without blobs or thick trails. Then the sponge or cloth is wrung thoroughly and after a few minutes the wood is wiped off. Uneven application can discolor the wood. Always remember to treat the table top's undersurface to prevent the wood from writhing.

Sanding: During the first treaments an erecting of fibers in the wood might occur and therefore it is recommended that you sand in between. Once the table top is dry you sand with 180-240 grit sandpaper or polishing sponge along the longitudinal direction of the wood. Do never sand with steel wool!

Maintenance: From time to time the table may need a renovation. In that case use a mixture proportion of 25 grams of soap flakes to 1 litre of water and follow the instructions from before on both ash, beech and oak.