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Oil Treatment


The following procedure will fill the pit of the wood so as to obtain a surface which is smooth and reasonable dirt-repelling compared to unprocessed wood.

Type of oil: We can recommend Proterra Oil. At the factory the table is treated with this oil, which is made of a sunflower seed oil base and contains dry matter (Danish hazardous substances classification 00-1 = out of hazard class). Proterra Oil can be purchased at/ordered from your furniture dealer. There exist other types of oil on the market for solid wood. If using these, please follow the instructions on the packaging. We recommend hardening oil.

Application: The oil is applied evenly with a soft cloth or sponge in very thin layers along the grainof the wood. The oil hardens after approx 24 hours. The table can then be polished with a dry cloth. If sanding in between is needed, please use 220-240 grit sandpaper. 220-240. Never sand with steel wool!

Everyday cleaning: Any stains are removed with a wrung-out cloth with warm water. Severe stains can be removed with liquid soap and, if necessary, sanded with sandpaper. After the sanding you might see a colour difference in the wood. But this quickly disappears with the next oil treament and the light exposure.

Maintenance: The oil treatment is repeated as needed.

Warning! Cloths with oil residues can ignite spontaneously. Cloths should either be burned or soaked with water and packed in aluminum foil before disposal.