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2 mm Furniture Linoleum from Forbo Krommenie, Holland.


The surface must be maintained by using a soap solution in order to avoid that the linoleum dries up (see maintenance/cleaning). Linoleum has a very good wearability and no static electricity as well as a high lightfastness of 6 (max. = 8). Is resistant to burning ashes, dropped on the linoleum.

Slight differences of colour may occur. Light colours are delicate, and thus more difficult to clean and maintain.


Day-to-day cleaning:  Clean with a damp cloth,  wrung in a hot soap solution (1/10 dl Monel *) or  ¼ soap flakes to 1 l water) and wipe off with a dry cloth. Stains must be removed at once.

Thorough cleaning: Clean with a wet cloth, firmly wrung in a hot soap solution (1/4 dl Monel or soapflakes per 1 l water), wash it off with clean water and wipe off with a dry cloth. Difficult stains may be removed by moistening the table top with water and apply concentrated Monel or a neutral cleaning agent (PH-value 5 to 9).

WARNING ! Strong cleaning agents including soft soap and sulpho detergent must not be used. Never use cellulose thinner, acetone, or chlorine/chlorine-containing products to remove stains. Oil or linseed oil must not be applied to linoleum. Rubber studs and unglazed pottery may cause scratches and stains, which cannot be removed.

*) Monel  - see