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Laminated Tables


Here are some simple tips for maintenance and care of laminated table tops.

For our laminated tables we only use high pressure laminate, which provides a robust surface that is easy to maintain and resistant to most impacts.

Although the laminate has a good resistance to heat, you should always protect your table in the best possible way against any kind of thermal stress.

Everyday cleaning: The surface is wiped with a clean wrung-out cloth with soap water or a universial cleaning detergent diluted with water.

In case of severe soiling: Loose filth is wiped. Use a clean wrung-out cloth with a universial cleaning detergent diluted with water and, if necessary, add extra undiluted cleaning detergent for futher wiping untill all the filth is dissolved. Wipe over with clean water and finish with wiping using a dry cloth.

In case of particular severe stains carefully use organic solvents such as alcohol, benzene and acetone depending on the stains characteristic. A clean cloth is gently dipped in the solvent in question and the stain is rubbed away. Afterwards, you clean as mentioned above. Be very careful with the edge of the table!

Never use: Steel wool, abrasive sponges, abrasive soap and the like as they easily cause bright stains on the sides that were cleaned.

NB-NB: To begin with the stain can come off the laminated tables with stained edges. The table has been given two coats of lacquer after the staining, but there can still be some extra stain on the plywood, which may penetrate the finish. The extra stain is wiped with a wrung-out cloth with clean water.